Rockford 24 inch Stroke Hydraulic Powered Horizontal Metal Shaper, Vise 14 inch wide, Knee Power Rapid Traverse, Longitudinal Travel 31 inch, Vertical Travel 13 inch, Serial Number 116-HD19, Inventory Reference S2804-10052

Model Number: Hydraulic

Serial Number: 113-HD66

Reference No: Metal Shaper, Horizontal, & S2804-10052

Condition: Used

Mfg Date:

Model Number Hydraulic

Serial Number 113-HD66

Reference Number Metal Shaper, Horizontal, & S2804-10052


  Type Hydraulic,  Serial Number 113-HD66
  Condition EXCELLENT
  Ram Stroke Length 24"
  Strokes Per Minute: Two Speed Ranges
    1st stroke range 12 thru 60
    2nd stroke range 20 thru 100
HEAD: Manual Down Feed:
  Rotates Right and Left of center 90 degrees
  Vertical Travel 4½"
  Tool Holder Angles Right or Left 30 degrees
  Size of Tool: 2¼" width x 1" thick
KNEE: Hand and Power Feed. Rapid Traverse
  Horizontal Travel (Longitudinally) 31"
  Vertical Travel 13"
  Table Size: 3-T Slots, 14" LR x 24" FB
  Table at Left Side has 3-Horizontal T-Slots
  Table at Right Side has 2-Vertical T-Slots and
     in the middle one V-Slot.
Table Feeds: Variable
VISE: is mounted onto Swivel Base.
  Size of Jaws Width 14"
               Open 10¾"
MOTOR DRIVES: Wired 440 volts, 3 phase
  Main 10 hp 208-220/440 volts
  Feed 1 hp 220/440 volts
CONTROLS: wired 115 volts
  On/Off Button, Knee Power Traverse
Dimensions 100" LR x 60" FB x 68" Ht.
Approximate weight 7,000 lbs.