24″ x 101″ x 24″ Mattison Surface Grinder Chuck Size 24″ x 96″ with 3-axis Power Feed Incremental Down Feed, Stone 20″ Diameter x 6″ Wide, Serial Number 20648, Inventory Reference G8025-9578

Model Number:

Serial Number: 20648

Reference No: Grinder, Surface, Reciprocating Table & G8025-9578

Condition: used

Mfg Date:

Model Number

Serial Number 20648

Reference Number Grinder, Surface, Reciprocating Table & G8025-9578


   Type, Reciprocating Table,   Serial Number 20648
CHUCK: Electro-Magnetic, Fine Line
   Capacity: 24" x 96"  (609.6mm x 2,438.4nn)
   Actual Size, 24" width x 101-3/16" length x 5¼" height
                      (609.6mm x 2,570.2nn)
TABLE: (3) T-Slot,                                         
   Working Surface: 24" W x 102" L (609.6mm x 2,590.8mm)
   Longitudinal Movement of Table 102"  (2,590.8mm)
   Longitudinal Movement by Hand and Power 
   Power Speed adjustable 30 to 100 fpm.
   Transverse Movement Wheel Slide  24"  (609.6mm)
   Transverse Movement Wheel Slide by Hand and Power.
   Vertical Slide Movement  25"  635mm)
   by (Handwheel and Power Downfeed),
        Micrometer Feed Mechanism.
   Centerline of Spindle to Top of Table (Vertical) 35¼"
         (895.35mm)   Top of Chuck (Vert.) 30" (762mm)
GRINDING WHEEL:  Horizontal Spindle
   Grinding Wheel, 20"diameter  x 6" face x 5" hole
                                          (508 x 152.4 x 127mm) 
MOTOR DRIVES: wired 460 volts
   Spindle, 30 hp. 230/460 volts
   Hydraulic Pumps, 15 hp. 230/460 volts
   Elevation, 1½ hp. 230/460 volts
   Feed Change, ¾ hp. 230/460 volts
   Bed and Cross Ways Lubrication, ¼ & ⅓ hp. 220/440 volts
   Coolant Pump, 5 hp. 230/460 volts
   Slug Conveyor Drive, ¼ hp. 230/640 volts
   Coolant Recirculation Pump, 1½ hp. 230/460 volts
   Master On / Off Buttons.   Wheel Run / Dress Switch.
   Head In / Out Switch  Hydraulic On Light/Reset Button.     
   Hydraulic On /Off Buttons.   Spindle Start / Stop Buttons.
   Minimum / Maximum Adjustment Dial.
   Cross Feed On / Off Switch.  Down Feed Table Off Slide Switch.
   Lube Start Button.   Lube On Light.    Coolant On Off Switch
   Neutrofier II Controls.    Travatrol Remote Control.
   Grinding Wheel Motor Per Cent Load Meter.
   Neutrofier II.   Travatrol Control Model 6RC17A, PT 024043, S/n 9712N024.
   Bauer Bros. Slug Removal System Number 672, Size 5, S/n 35254.
        with 5- Centiri Cleaner  Liquid Cyclone 
   and Bauerlite Filter Canisters, Coolant Pump and
   Motor driven Slug removal conveyor. (Dimensions 119" L x 38" W x 68" Ht.)
   Coolant Recirculation Pump & Reservoir.
        Out side Dimensions 41" x 42" x 52" Ht. Inside 36½" x 36" x 46⅝" Ht.