30 inch Arter B30 Rotary Table Horizontal Spindle Surface Grinder Electro Magetic Chuck 30 inch diameter, Swing in Pan 40 inch, Maximum EXTRA HEIGHT UNDER STONE 33 inch, Power elevation, Table knee tilts, Serial number 3289, Inventory reference G8080-9199

Model Number: B-30

Serial Number: 3287

Reference No: Rotory Surface Grtinder, Horizontal Spindle G8080-9199

Condition: used Very Very Good

Mfg Date:

Model Number B-30

Serial Number 3287

Reference Number Rotory Surface Grtinder, Horizontal Spindle G8080-9199


1 – used ARTER SUNDSTRAND ROTARY SURFACE GRINDER                 Model B-30.     Type Horizontal Spindle.     Serial Number 3287                Condition Magnetic Chuck EXCELLENT SPECIFICATIONS CAPACITY: Surface Diameter of Magnetic Chuck  31″  (7874mm) Greatest Swing Inside Water Pan  40″  (1,016mm) Vertical Capacity, Full diameter wheel Maximum Open,bed Down  33″  (838.2mm) CHUCK:   (Electro-Magnetic) Chuck Thickness 7/8″  (22.225mm) RPM thru Hydraulic Pump Infinitely Variable Magnetic Control D.C. Power with Demagnetizing and Neutrofier. Mellaphone Rectifier AC 440,  DC Volts 230,  Output Watts 1380. Neutrol Electromagnetic 230 volts DC, Model G750, Serial A5673 WORK TABLE: ANGULAR ADJUSTMENT: Convex Grinding 10º        Concave Grinding 10º KNEE ELEVATION: By Hand and Power driven. GRINDING WHEEL: Grinding Wheel, (diameter, face and hole) 16″ x 1½” x 8″ (406.4mm x 38.1mm x 203.2mm) GRINDING WHEEL SLIDE ASSEMBLY (Ram): Horizontal Movement by (Handwheel and Power thru Hydraulic Pump) MOTOR DRIVES: Machine Wired 440 volts, 3 phase Stone 10 hp.  220/440 volts Hydraulic Pump:   7.5 hp. (5.52kw) 220/440 volts Chuck Knee Elevation  ¾ hp. (0.552kw 208-220/440 volts    Coolant Pump  ¼ hp. (0.184kw) 220/440 volts CONTROLS: Controls Wired 115 volts Wheelhead Start/Stop Buttons.        Hydraulic Pump Start/Stop Buttons. Knee Up/Down Button.                     Slide Button Chuck Speed Control.                      Wheel Speed Control. EQUIPPED WITH: (1) Wheel Dresser Attachment with Diamond Nib.    (1) Grinding Wheel Hub (1) Auto Lubricator.       (1) Coolant Pump with Tank COMPLETE FACTORY SAFETY GUARDS Dimensions 72″ F-B x 103 L-R x 111″ Ht. (2,828.8mm F-B x 2,616.2mm L-R x 2,819.4mm Ht.) Approximate Weight 15,000 lbs. Please feel free to contact us for more info