12 inch Nikon Shadowgraph Model 6CT Profile and Surface Illumination Optical Compartor, with 3-Turret Mounted Projection Lenses, two Axis Micrometer adjusted Stage, Serial Number 3945, Inventory Reference C3806-10610

Model Number: 6CT

Serial Number: 3945

Reference No: Comparator, Optical, Profile & Surface & C3806-10610

Condition: Used, Excellent Condition

Mfg Date:

Model Number 6CT

Serial Number 3945

Reference Number Comparator, Optical, Profile & Surface & C3806-10610


12 inch Nikon Shadowgraph Model 6CT Profile and Surface Illumination Optical Compartor

Model 6CT,     Serial Number 3945 EXCELLENT CONDITION
Taper R-8Size of  Screens 12″ (304.8mm) Screen Rotates Right or Left thru 360º with Fine Adjustment Knob 0-30 minutes WORK STAGE: 2- Fixture Slots Size 13-3/16″ LR x 6″ FB (335mm x 152.4mm) Stage Angles Forward and Back Travel,  X-Axis, Longitudinal (Hand Feed 5″ Fine Adjustment Micrometer Dial and Fast movement Handle with Spring Back Positioning. Travel, Y-Axis Cross Fine Adjustment Micrometer Dial 2⅛” 53.98 mm) Travel,  Z-Axis, Vertical, Knee (Hand Feed) 1¾”  (44.45 mm) LENS, PROJECTION: Three, Mounted on Turret. 10X,  20X and 50X ( No 444L) with Micro Focus Three Lens Turret for rapid & convenient interchange of the Projection Lenses Hand Rotation thru 360 degrees. EQUIPPED WITH: Surface Illumination height adjustment handler.       Four Chart Clips. Contour condenser change-over lever.        2- Image Screens. 1- Anti-Glare Glass. 2-V Block Clamp Type 1¼” x ½”. 2- Riser Block 1½” x 2″ with 2-square slots & 2-V 1-Full Reflecting Mirror.    3-Half reflecting Mirror. Comparator is mounted on Nikon Factory Cabinet Stand. ELECTRICAL REQIREMENTS:   Voltage  115     Single Phase CONTROLS: Light On/Off Switch. Selector Switch with: Surface / Off / Shadow Switch. Brightness Control. COMPLETE FACTORY SAFETY GUARD Dimensions: 24″ FB x 23″ LR x 63″ Ht.  (61mm FB x 5842mm LR  x 160.02mm Ht) Approximate Weight 350 lbs. Please feel free to contact us for more info.