very clean Sunnen MBB-1600 Horizontal Honing Machine Bore Capacity Internal diameter range 0.060 inch thru 6.5 inch and Honing Length 0.25 inch thru 6 inch, Serial Number 40252, Inventory Reference H5975-10605

Model Number: MBB-1600

Serial Number: 40252

Reference No: Hone, Horizontal Superfinisher & H5975-10605

Condition: Very Good to Excellent

Mfg Date:

Model Number MBB-1600

Serial Number 40252

Reference Number Hone, Horizontal Superfinisher & H5975-10605


1 – used  SUNNEN HORIZONTAL HONE Model MBB-1600,  Serial Number 40252 SPECIFICATIONS CAPACITY: Bore Internal diameter range  0.060″ thru 6.5″  (1.5mm up to 165mm) Honing Length 1/4″ thru 16″   (6.35mm thru 406.4mm) Spindle Speeds:  Low Range: 200, 250, 320, 400, 500, 640 rpm High Range: 500, 640, 800, 1000, 1220, 1600 rpm EQUIPPED WITH: Light Cutting Press Dial Heavy Cutting Pressure Control: AN-600AL, BAL,BL, L P20, P28  – .001 AK,JK, K,Y R28 – .002 Stroke Feed-up by Micrometer Dial Cutting Pressure Control Dial. Foot Pedal start and stops the mandrel rotation, and automatically advances the stone as pre-set by the micrometer dial, and under the pre-selected cutting pressure. 1-lot Mandrel Chuck .   1-lot Miscellaneous Keyway Honing Mandrels. 1-lot Miscellaneous Wedges.     1-lot Miscellaneous Adapters 1-lot Stone Retainers.     1-lot Miscellaneous Tension Blocks. 1-lot Miscellaneous Honing Stones. Adjustable Work Support. Adjustable Flow-Back Pan. Work Light. MOTOR DRIVES: wired 115 volts, 1-phase Spindle drive  1/2 hp 115/230 volts Honing Oil Pump belt driven off main drive pulley COMPLETE FACTORY SAFETY GUARDS Dimensions 38″ LR x 40″ FB x 65″ Height (183.5mm x 193.12mm x 313.8mm Ht) Approximate Weight 800 lbs. Our Price to you at our Los Angeles, CA. warehouse is $POR Respectfully Submitted, CENTURY MACHINERY CO., INC. Please fill our request for for website discounted price.