27″ sw x 108″ cc AMC Crankshaft Regrinder, Model K-2700-U, Serial Number 4268 [G4526-9239]

Model Number: K2700-U

Serial Number: 4268

Reference No: G4526-9239

Condition: Used

Mfg Date:

Model Number K2700-U

Serial Number 4268

Reference Number G4526-9239


   Model K2700-U,     Serial Number 4268,
   Date Mfg. 6th November 1989
   27" swing x 108" cernters  (690mm x 2,750mm)
   Maximum Stoke (twice off-set centers)  11" (280mm)
   Maximum Workpiece diameter (New wheel)  23.5" (600mm)
   Maximum Workpiece diameter Workhead – chuck  10" (250mm)
     Maximum Workpiece diameter Tailstock – chuck  7.5" (190mm)
WORKHEAD SPINDLE SPEEDS: Stepless  15 – 75 rpm
      Hydraulic driven.
   Hydraulically controlled adjustable center pressure makes it possible to
      pre-set correct center pressure in relation to the weight of the workpiece.
   Hand and Power infeed.
   Longitudinal Travel:  Hand and Power.
TABLE: Traverse Speed: Infinitely Variable  0 to 197 ipm (0-5000mm/min)
      Automatic reversing and variable dwell.
     (Make this grinder suitable for cylindrical grinding.)
      Wheel Slide rapid movement     118 ipm (3000mm/min)
THROW-HEADS located on Workhead and Tailstock to align crankshaft.
    Throw-block is movable in 4-directions, and crosswise.
    The chuck has a stop for each 30º  and  72º indexing.
    Indexing is built into throwhead.
GRINDING WHEEL: Diameter 32" (813mm),
                                  Width Speed 760 rpm
MOTOR DRIVE: wired 440 volts, 3-phase
   Wheelhead, 10 H.P., 220/440 volts
   Workhead Hydraulic
   Hydraulic Pump, 3 H.P. 222/440 volts
   Coolant Pump,  0.20 H.P., 220/440 volts
   (1) Precision Auto Electronic Sizing Gage 4".
   (1) Hydraulic Stone Dresser with diamond nib.
   (1) Radius Stone Dresser with diamond nib.
   (1) Combined Face & Side Stone Dresser.
   (2) 9" diameter Chucks 3-Jaw w/ extra set of jaws.
   (1) Back Plate with Center.
   (3) Misc. Centers.        (9) Grinding Wheel Hubs.     
   (8) Grinding Stones.      (1) Set-up Indicator.
   (1) Crank Centering V-indicator with Dial Gauge.
   (1) Extra Indicator.
   (3) Steady Rests with quick release of guide shoes.
   (1) Balancing Stand & Arbor.
   (1) Driving Dog w/ Misc. attachments
   (1) Coolant Tank with Pump.
   (1) Demag Ring, Miscellaneous Splash Guards.
   Plus miscellaneous other parts.
   (1) Cart to store Grinding Wheels.
   (1) Stand to store auxiliary tools.

Dimensions 61" Ht. x 237" Length x 80" Width
Weight Approximate 15,000 lbs.